Packing and Preparing Your Kitchen Items Before Movers Arrive

an kitchen ready to be packed for moving

Properly packing and preparing your kitchen for movers will help make the relocation process feel a lot easier. When you hire our Fort Myers full-service moving company, you will need to complete some tasks before movers arrive – especially in the kitchen. One of the best ways to pack up a kitchen for a move is to set aside an afternoon and complete this kitchen packing checklist to ensure everything is ready for your movers. 

Be sure you are ready with a moving checklist that includes what to do the week before and what to do the month before you move to avoid forgetting anything important. 

Defrost the Freezer & Clean It Out! 

Our Fort Myers movers recommend unplugging your refrigerator prior to their arrival, even if you have a self-defrosting freezer. In order for your refrigerator to be moving-ready, you will want to ensure all ice has been melted and disposed of beforehand. We recommend defrosting your fridge 24 hours in advance. Disconnect it and place towels on the floor to soak up any water that leaks as a result of the fridge defrosting. Clean out your fridge before movers arrive, removing all contents and emptying it. Leaving any sort of moisture or food debris inside the fridge during transportation can result in noxious odors. Wipe it out with a weak bleach and water solution; clean all shelves and drawers separately and leave the door open so it can dry out completely. 

Clean & Stabilize the Microwave

To properly prepare your microwave for movers, you will first want to clean and stabilize the microwave. Our Cape Coral movers recommend filling a bowl with two cups of water and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Drop a toothpick in the mixture to keep the water from boiling over. Heat the vinegar mixture in the microwave for five minutes, wait another three minutes, and then wipe the loosened gunk away. Leave the microwave open to dry.

Ensure the glass tray is dry and packaged in bubble wrap or newspaper for protection. 

Dispose of Perishable Foods

Before movers arrive, ensure you dispose of any perishable food, if you do not want to waste or discard these foods, here are a few other options to avoid wasting food before a move: 

  • Give them to a friend or family member.
  • Have a dinner party during which you serve all your open foods and leftovers.
  • Use your opened foods to prepare dishes you can reheat and eat on moving day.

Most moving companies transport canned food and other non-perishable items that do not require refrigeration. When packing food for moving, make sure that items are consolidated into one box, properly labeled. Ensure everything is properly sealed so containers don’t create any unnecessary messes. 

Packing Kitchen Items

Each cabinet and drawer in the kitchen presents a new moving challenge – packing kitchen items for movers. Our Bradenton movers share the best way to pack up a kitchen – dive right in. Clear off an area of your kitchen counter or dining table, grab your packing supplies, and get on it! 

Packing Pots & Pans 

To properly pack pots and pans before movers arrive, we urge you to use a large or medium box. Stack your pots and pans in descending order, placing bubble wrap or packing paper in between each pan. Add support around your pots and pans when packing them by stuffing newspaper or dish towels into any openings you find, filling the gaps. Glass lids for pots and pan should be wrapped in packing paper and placed in a separate box stuffed with more padding. 

Packing Glasses & Plates 

The best way to pack your kitchen glasses and plates is to wrap each item independently and then stack them into a box. To pack glasses for moving, our movers in Southwest Florida recommend wrapping each glass individually and using specialty dividers in your moving box to ensure they arrive damage-free. 

Packing plates for moving is simple – stack them, inserting bubble wrap or packaging paper in between each plate for extra protection. Wrap all plates together and place them inside a box. Label all dinner- and glassware boxes as “FRAGILE” using a different-colored marker so the movers are aware. 

Packing Kitchen Knives

Before movers arrive, you will want to ensure kitchen knives are properly packaged for safe delivery. At Modern Movers, we advise packing knives on their side, never facing up. Using packaging paper, roll each knife independently and then add additional protection by wrapping a dish towel around them; secure with a rubber band or packing tape. 

If you complete the tasks above, your kitchen will be well prepared for the arrival of your movers. If you have any questions about preparing for your move or getting your kitchen ready, reach out to the moving experts at Modern Movers. Located in Southwest Florida, we offer statewide, nationwide, and worldwide moving services. We are here to help meet all your moving needs, including storage.

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Updated: January 2021