Spring Cleaning Tips for 2020

spring cleaning

Germs, dust, pet hair, oh my! The spring season is here, and it’s time to partake in the annual spring cleaning event. After our movers in southwest Florida assist with your relocation, you must remember these spring cleaning tips. You’ll be cleaning your house like a pro in no time!

How Do You Clean Your House Like a Pro?

Whether our residential moving company in Florida helped you relocate into your first home or your sixth, everyone can use a little sprucing up on their spring cleaning tips. Here is your 2020 spring cleaning guide.

1.      Create a cleaning schedule

One of the most useful spring cleaning tips is to make a schedule. Begin by scoping out which areas need the most work. Think about where you usually skip during normal light cleaning days. We recommend starting in the areas that haven’t received much love recently. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you make a schedule. With a plan in place, you will know which rooms you are tackling on certain days to avoid missing any spots.

2.      Work from top to bottom

To avoid having to dust or clean a space in your home again on the same day, make sure you work top to bottom. The smartest way to clean is by dusting, wiping and cleaning the top portion of your home and working your way down. By working up and then down, you are forcing debris downward and avoiding the chance of re-cleaning your home. Dust off your windows, vacuum any cobwebs and remove any stubborn dirt. Once all the debris has fallen to the ground, it will be easy to sweep, mop or vacuum it up.

3.      Declutter and organize your belongings

What better time to go through all your items than while you are staying away from those who are sick during this tragic COVID-19 outbreak. Although you just moved into your new home with the help from our long-distance moving company, you might’ve not had the time to declutter and organize your belongings. Our team has taken the necessary measures to stay protected during this outbreak, and we hope you follow in our footsteps. Take this time of self-quarantine to declutter and organize your belongings. Go from room to room and see which items you want to keep, donate or sell after the spring season.

4.      Clean air to combat seasonal allergies

The springtime can sprout seasonal allergies – it’s time to clear the air. Dust away the dirt and grime that has settled all winter long and throughout your move. Replace your furnace and HVAC filters so you can breathe healthier air and get rid of clogged ducts and unwanted dust particles. We also recommend purchasing an air purifier to combat your seasonal allergies.

5.      Create new cleaning habits

Although you did an excellent job completing your spring cleaning checklist, it’s time you create new cleaning habits. By implementing new cleaning methods, you will be squared away for this time next year. A simple 30 minute (or less) cleanup routine that you practice at least once a month can drastically improve your cleaning habits.

You will be a cleaning pro in no time with our spring cleaning tips for 2020. Take the time to stay safe during the outbreak of COVID-19 and focus on your spring cleaning checklist. By implementing these spring cleaning tips you will be decluttering your home, combating seasonal allergies, and protecting the world from the spread of any arising illness. Stay safe out there, and good luck with your spring-cleaning session!




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