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Moving to or from Estero, FL, can be a challenge without help. How will you safely transport your belongings, and who can assist? The terrain and beaches may be beautiful, but when you’re struggling with the move, they can be difficult to appreciate. Avoid stress and let the local movers at Modern Movers be your lifeline.

Our moving company in Estero has almost four decades of experience and skill to handle even the most expensive items like huge TVs and entertainment centers. Plus, we have liability protection options so you can move with zero worries. Out of all the moving companies in Florida, our Estero movers have mastered attention-to-detail when relocating our customers into their new homes.

Full-Service Relocation

As one of the best local moving companies, we provide several high-quality services, including:

  • Estero local movers or long-distance movers

  • Automobile moving

  • Bulky or unusually shaped item transport

  • Packing and unpacking services

  • Debris and packing-supply removal

  • Furniture protection

  • Systematic loading with detailed inventory lists

  • Mover’s liability protection options

Have a piano? Our Estero movers are also certified Florida piano movers and can safely transport your piano without damaging any of the pieces. Using extreme care and caution, our Estero piano movers will successfully move your piano into the new home, relieving you of stress and hassle.

If you want to bring your jacuzzi along with you, our hot tub movers can take that extra task off your shoulders as well. Relocating with a hot tub requires special skill and quality equipment to make it a successful relocation. Whether it’s inflatable, acrylic, or wooden, your hot tub will be in the safe hands of our Estero movers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our moving company in Estero takes pride in giving the best customer care possible. Once you’ve hired our Estero movers, immediately, you’ll see why we’ve been in business for four decades. We make sure to give you the reassurance that you’re in good hands and are happy to address questions or problems as soon as possible.

Throughout the move, you’ll have an assigned professional moving consultant who will always be at the ready to address any concerns or questions. We’ll consistently give you an update on the move, never leaving you in the dark. Now that’s what we call exceptional customer service!


When you need help to move to Estero, contact the professional Modern Movers. Our moving company provides an array of relocation services along with the best customer care to ensure you have a great relocation experience. Having been in business for almost 40 years, you can safely rely on our expertise and relocation knowledge. We provide honest, detailed estimates, with no hidden fees, so you’ll get an exact number on moving costs. Ready to move to Estero, FL? Give the Modern Movers a call today at 239-369-2616 for your free estimate!

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