What to Pack in a Moving Weekender Bag

Moving to a new home or apartment can be so exciting! But before you start packing your bags, we asked the team of professional movers and packers at our Southwest Florida moving company about what to pack in an overnight bag when moving. Ease the transition into your new home by preparing a weekender bag with things you’ll need for the first few days. 

The Most Important Items to Pack in an Overnight Moving Bag 

A moving overnight bag contains everything you will need for a single night or the first couple of days before you can unpack all your personal belongings. After a long and tiresome day of loading, transporting, and unloading boxes, the last thing you will want to do is rummage through all your belongings to find your toothbrush or a pair of pajamas. Plan ahead and prepare an overnight bag filled with everything you need for a successful first night in your new home. 

1. Bank Items & Legal Documents 

Our professional Fort Myers movers suggest packing important bank items and documents in your personal bag. Cash, credit cards, and checks might be necessary in case of any emergency, whether it’s related to moving or not, so you should keep those things handy. 

Additionally, you should keep other financial and legal documents safe and secure. The information in these documents is pretty important and you may need to be able to access them easily. Besides that, if you packed it in a box that happens to get lost during the move (it happens), you wouldn’t want that information falling into the wrong hands. Our Estero movers suggest packing items such as a will, titles, loan documents, birth certificates, social security cards, car registrations, leases, home sales agreements, or other similar items in a binder; keep the binder with you during the move

2. Medications & Toiletries 

Packing medications in a box could make it easy to miss or skip a dose. Avoid this unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, problem by keeping all necessary prescription and nonprescription items with you. Along with your daily doses, pack any over-the-counter medicine — such as pain relievers — that you might need during the move as well. 

Our team of Cape Coral movers also suggests including important toiletries in your overnight moving bag. This will make your post-move shower easier by keeping must-have toiletries with you. Add travel-sized shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and a toothbrush to your weekender bag. 

For spill safety, properly pack messy toiletry items such as shampoo or liquid soap in a separate plastic wrap or zipper bag. 

3. Bedding & Linen Essential

Trust us when we say that after a long day of moving, there is nothing new residents want more than a nice shower. You’ll want a weekender bag to have clean clothes, bath towels, bedsheets, and anything else you’ll need on the first night in your new home. In your overnight moving bag, ensure you also have a pillowcase, blanket, slippers, and maybe a sweater in case it’s cold. Our Bradenton movers agree that after a long day of moving, you will most definitely want easy access to these essential overnight bag items. 

4. Change of Clothes & Pajamas

Make sure you pack clothes for you and your family for the following day as well as pajamas for the first night. We recommend creating a moving essentials checklist to ensure you have accounted for everyone and everything you need in your overnight moving bag. If you are moving long-distance, we recommend putting together a cross-country moving checklist, packing enough clothes for every day of your travels. 

5. Water & Snacks

Some of the most essential items in your overnight bag are water and snacks. You will need to keep your energy level high throughout your relocation process. In your overnight weekend bag, pack water bottles and extra snacks for you and the family. Prepare a moving day food plan and figure out how you will move forward with meals while you are settling into your new residence. 

Moving to Southwest Florida with Modern Movers

A moving out survival kit is one of the most essential items you will pack for your relocation. Make sure you are prepared on moving day with an overnight moving bag that has everything you and your family may need. If your home isn’t move-in ready yet, Modern Movers offers exceptional Florida storage solutions where your personal items will be safe and easily accessible during your transition. Our Southwest Florida full-service moving company offers moving solutions for all types of local and long-distance moves – statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. 

Do you need help with your next move? Contact us today to speak with one of our Modern Movers specialists and ask about our free moving kit!  

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Updated: January 2021


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