How to Move Your Dog Abroad

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When pondering a move to another country there are so many things to worry about, between visas, housing, employment, and for dog owners, learning how to move to another country with pets. Man’s best friend can make learning how to move your dog abroad with you a must when getting the opportunity to live in another part of the world, and some people do not even know where to start researching! Luckily Modern Movers, the best international movers around, have the expertise and experience necessary to lay the facts in front of anyone moving overseas with pets in order to make the process a breeze and have created this guide for that very reason.

Requirements for Moving Pets to Another Country

Wondering how to take pets overseas? The first step is to get everything in order, the requirements may change slightly based on timing and location, but there is a basic guideline to follow:

Consulting Your Vet Before Moving Your Dog Abroad

The first step in assessing how to move your dog abroad is to make sure the dog is fit to fly. Go to your veterinarian for a consultation on the mental and physical state of your dog and to get the best advice before the flight. Moving pets overseas should never be a high-risk scenario for the animal involved.

Moving Overseas with Pets: Getting them Ready

Your dog will be transported in a crate, if your animal is not accustomed to the concept of discomfort associated with the process, be sure to get them as used to it as possible. Your pets will also likely need to partake in either a fast or specific diet requirement before flying, so be sure to call the airline first to establish what their specific process will be like.

Documents Needed for Moving Internationally with Pets

This is where you’re going to need to do a bit of digging into the specific requirements your new home country requires of incoming animals. How to move your dog abroad could become a question with a simple or long-winded answer depending on which specific nation you’re moving to.

Cost of Moving Overseas With a Dog

The next step in establishing how to take pets overseas is the cost, which will vary based on what type of animal it is and some of the specifics of said animal. The cost of transporting a dog from the United States to another country will usually be a fixed cost, typically in the range of a few hundred dollars when flown as cargo but could be less if kept in the cabin. Calling an airline to establish what their costs are is a must before deciding to move abroad with a dog. A common misconception is that you can buy an extra seat for your dog when flying, this is a myth. Pets are considered cargo and will fly as such, extra charges will be accrued for sedation and any extra requirements your animal may have.

The International Movers Florida Can Rely On

Our professional movers know what it’s like to organize transportation for transnational relocations and would be proud to use their expertise to make your next international move a success! If you are interested in any other form of relocation, we also offer a long list of local and national services which are sure to meet your needs perfectly. Read some of our other articles or reach out to our team to learn more.


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