The Best Things About Living in Southwest Florida

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The Southwest Florida area is one of the most fun, beautiful, and festive places to ever call home and if you are a resident then you know this well. If, however, you are uninitiated into the best of Southwest Florida living then please feel free to take a look at this quick guide to some of the top reasons people love to call this place home. Modern Movers is a company dedicated to moving people to, from, and within this amazing area of the country, and have learned a thing or two as to why everyone loves living in Southwest Florida over their more than 40 years of experience servicing the community.

What Is Southwest Florida’s Weather and Scenery Like?

Like any list of advantages to living in Florida that you may have come across, the weather and scenery of this place are hard to match! Living in Southwest Florida offers warm temperatures year-round and a virtual guarantee that every day could be a beach day when this place is your home! The scenery is also one of the more common benefits to living in Florida that we see pop up time and time again, and you can bet that in this case, nothing is different. When living in Southwest Florida, you can sit back on the beach right under a palm tree while staring out into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. That is something that only people calling this area home can really brag about on a daily basis! The examples given are reasons enough to call up our modern moving team and get started on your relocation! But there are plenty of other reasons to plan your move to this fantastic community.

Some Other Reasons to Live In Florida’s Southwest

Need some other reasons to consider living in Southwest Florida? Don’t worry there are plenty more!

  • Distances: When you live here, you will be able to travel between just about any city in Southwest Florida, no matter where you call home in the region. Our community is very interconnected so traveling from Fort Myers to Naples is not only very easy, it’s actively encouraged!
  • The People: The people that you will call neighbors are some of the most welcoming, fun, and laid-back people you will ever meet. And getting to know them is a pretty easy task as well!
  • Housing: Even though Florida may have a reputation as one of the more expensive states in the region of the American Southeast, that mainly applies to Florida’s own Southeast. In fact, this region is significantly more affordable than the areas of Miami or Fort Lauderdale, for example.

The Leader Among Moving Companies in Southwest Florida

If you are ready to call this area home, then be sure to contact Modern Movers, the best moving company in Florida’s Southwest. Make living in Southwest Florida amazing on the first day by teaming up with a relocation company that will go the extra mile, no matter the distance. Be sure to see the complimentary moving kit and read some of our other articles to learn more about all things relocation. 


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