Why Staging a Home Is Important

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If you are planning on putting a home on the market and want a swift sell, you should consider staging the home. Staging a home entails beautifying your house for sale. The goal is to highlight the home’s strengths and let the home speak for itself in the eyes of the buyers.

At Modern Movers, the premier moving company in Fort Myers, we are no stranger to maneuvering the real estate market. Understanding the importance of staging a home can be a determining factor in whether potential buyers will envision themselves living in your home or not.

Does Home Staging Help Sell a House?

Home staging is an old marketing technique that is an excellent tactic to use when selling your home. When it comes to staging a home, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. If you are not a professional interior designer, don’t worry; there are companies curated for home staging that can help.

The Importance of Staging a Home

Staged homes, on average, sell quicker than an empty home within the first 12 days.1 Staging a home also gets you the most bang for your buck; staged homes usually sell at a higher asking price. If you are looking for a quick sell and are hoping to get a house off the market fast, our Bradenton movers highly recommend staging your home.

Staged homes spend on average 50 percent less time on the market and sell for about 20 percent more than homes that have not been staged.2 Since most buyers begin their initial search scouring the web for pictures of properties, you will want to ensure that you are showcasing your home’s best assets.

Hiring a Stager

Interior design is not for everyone. If you feel you need extra help staging a home to sell, you may want to look into hiring a home stager. A home stager will go through each room of your home and distinguish which items need to be removed or rearranged. The goal of a home stager is to provide your home with a better online and in-person presence.

Often, they will discuss a budget with their clients and will rent pieces of furniture, art pieces, picture frames, and other home decor that can help appeal to buyers.

Home staging strives to make each room feel balanced and ensure furniture is not blocking any important pathways or features.

Staging a Home on a Budget

If you plan on staging a home by yourself, do not feel overwhelmed — no one knows your home better than you! Figure out the focal points of your home and how you can highlight them. This may include beautiful arched doorways or windows that bring in the most natural light.

Our Fort Myers movers recommend decluttering your entire home. Buyers can get distracted by clutter and it can make the home seem much smaller than it actually is. Pick up the stacks of mail and all the toiletries that overcome your bathroom vanity. Work with the items around your home and relocate some of those belongings to suit the taste of others. Removing unnecessary distractions from rooms, closets, and cupboards can give the home a more spacious appeal. Also, consider avoiding divisive art that may come off as offensive when staging your home.

Some minor repair work such as repainting the walls, covering any holes, or even installing new carpet can bring up the value of your home. Every small renovation done can potentially add value and get the home off the market at a much quicker rate.

No matter the real estate market, a staged home will sell much quicker and at a higher asking price than an empty home.2 Our Southwest Florida storage company can help remove the unwanted furniture from your home. Contact us today to speak to a representative. Our air-conditioned storage warehouse is safe and easily accessible, no matter how long-term the selling process.



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