How to Move an Upright Piano

moving a piano with moving blankets

Whether you’re moving out of a high-rise apartment or a one-story bungalow, you want to make sure your precious belongings get to their new home safely. Taking on the unique task of moving an upright piano by yourself can feel overwhelming, especially when there are so many other things on your mind. 

Thankfully the Fort Myers movers at Modern Movers are here to help. We’ve spent decades in the business and our southwest Florida piano movers have a clean record of taking care of your instrument, regardless of your living situation. If, however, you’re confident in your own moving abilities, we wanted to share a few professional tips on how to move an upright piano.

Grand Piano vs. Upright Piano

An upright piano has its strings strung vertically, making the instrument more compact and taking up less space. A grand piano is often seen in concert halls or spacious areas. The strings are strung horizontally and the body is much bulkier than an upright piano.

While moving an upright piano is naturally simpler than the larger grand piano, there are still things you should keep in mind when moving an upright piano.

Moving an Upright Piano

Protect the Keys and Pedals

Before you start moving your upright piano, you should prepare by covering the more delicate areas of the piano: the keys and the pedals. Cover the keys and wrap the pedals in blankets, then tape the blankets to the piano’s body to secure. Make sure to use packing tape, as to not damage the wood finishing on the piano. 

Use a Dolly

To protect you and others from injury, it’s important not to try and lift the upright piano, especially when you need to navigate stairs. Use a dolly, and make sure the piano is securely fastened with moving cords or tape. Take your time while moving, especially down the steps. There’s no need to rush moving your upright piano. 

Re-Tune Your Piano

Once you’ve successfully and carefully completed the move, you will almost certainly need to re-tune your piano. This is made simple for an upright piano; just lift the top door to the strings, and use your re-tuning tool. Afterward, give your upright piano a nice clean with a damp washcloth. And all of a sudden, you’re all set!

If you find yourself struggling with how to move your upright piano, there’s no shame in hiring a professional. Our moving company in Fort Myers will take care of your piano and all your belongings with the care you demand at competitive rates. Contact us today or call us at (239)369-2616 to get a free moving quote! 


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