Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored in Your Garage

A garage can be an excellent place for storing more than just your car. Whether you use it as an extension of your house or an extra storage unit, the extra space can be a lifesaver. There are, however, some items you should never store in your garage, as they can become damaged or dangerous. 

Utilities That Should Not Be Stored in Your Garage

The garage refrigerator is quite common, and you may think it’s a great place for a second fridge. The issue with placing this appliance in the garage is that most garages are not temperature controlled. Placing a refrigerator in an unairconditioned room, especially in the summer months, will have your refrigerator working overtime and will put a toll on your electric bill. As a Southwest Florida moving and storage provider, we are familiar with summer heat and would recommend placing a second refrigerator in the house, if possible. 

A more dangerous item you should not store in your garage is propane tanks. Gas-powered propane tanks are prone to leaks and can fill your garage with toxic and flammable fumes. You can safely store grill cooking tools and covers in a garage; however, if you have a gas-powered barbecue or grill, we recommend storing propane tanks in an outdoor shed or under a tarp by your grill. 


Why You Shouldn’t Store Food in Your Garage

A garage is not as sealed off to the outside world as your home. Storing food items in your garage is a sure way to attract unwanted guests. Rodents and insects have a very good sense of smell and will find it far easier to enter your garage than your home. Keep all food items in your house to avoid these pests. This also goes for pet food and birdseed you may have. 

Canned food items should also be stored in your home. Although they are sealed and protected from rodents, they can spoil faster in unairconditioned rooms. Keeping canned food in your garage during the summer months will shorten their lifespan. 

Other Items You Should Not Store in the Garage


Electronics can be susceptible to outdoor elements. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can be damaging to electronic devices. 

Musical Instruments

While a garage can make a great room for you and your band to play in, storing instruments in temperature-changing and humid rooms can be damaging to them. Our piano movers in Southwest Florida, for example, pack, store, transport these delicate instruments in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms. If you enjoy playing music in your garage, we recommend putting your musical instruments in your home once you are done. 

Clothing and Bedding Items

Clothing and bedding items provide potential rodents with the perfect place to sleep. Try to keep items made of fabric out of the garage to reduce the risk of unwanted guests. 


Certain liquids, such as wine, can spoil in the summer months in hot rooms. They should be fine in colder months but should be removed during extreme heat. This also goes for more viscous liquids such as paint, stains, and refinishing solvents. 

Where to Store These Items

If you do not have space in your home for these items, we recommend contacting our storage professionals in Southwest Florida. Our storage units are located in air-conditioned, humidity-controlled buildings to ensure your items will remain in the same condition they are left in. Contact us today for your Southwest Florida moving and storage needs. 


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