How to Celebrate Labor Day at Home: COVID-19 Pandemic Edition

As summer quickly comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate Labor Day. With the long weekend approaching, you should begin prepping your plans. But with the global COVID-19, you are probably going to celebrate Labor Day at home this year. Don’t worry, though! Our residential moving company in Florida is here to share a few ideas for Labor Day.

Ideas for Labor Day at Home

As you enjoy your day off from work, remember to honor and celebrate the achievements of American workers. From backyard BBQs to family bike rides, here are a few ways to celebrate Labor Day at home.

  1. Family BBQ

One of the best ways to celebrate Labor Day at home is by hosting a family BBQ. While you should be following social distancing guidelines outlined by the CDC, you can have your immediate family get together within six feet of each other for a tasty all-American meal. Fire up the grill and enjoy your family BBQ.

  1. Bake something sweet

For everyone with a sweet tooth out there, bake something sweet as you celebrate Labor Day at home quarantine style. Cookies, cakes, brownies, oh my! Baking is also a great Labor Day activity to do with your kids. Test out a new recipe like s’mores cupcakes, patriotic fruit pizza, or maybe peach cobbler. Grab the whole family and bake something sweet to share as summer begins to wind down.

  1. Sunbathing

A very common way to celebrate Labor Day is by being out in the sun. Lay out a towel in your front or back yard and take in the sweet summer sunshine. If you have pool or beach access, take advantage of this luxury on your long weekend. However, if you do decide to sunbathe or spend the weekend in the sunshine, our Fort Myers movers highly encourage you to use SPF sunscreen and other skin protection. Now go outside and soak up some rays as you relax during your coronavirus version of Labor Day.

  1. Read a book

If you are looking for relaxing activities for Labor Day, try reading a new book. While the weather in Southwest Florida is unpredictable yet mostly rainy during the summer, take this opportunity to read a new book. Pick a cozy spot in your house, layer all the blankets you have, and snuggle up with your new read.

  1. Ride your bike or go for a walk

Break out your bicycle for a family bike ride around your neighborhood. Soak up the sun while getting in some leisurely exercise with your loved ones. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike! Go out for a relaxing stroll around your neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you are respecting the 6 feet apart guidelines and politely move over for oncoming guests.

You can still celebrate Labor Day even though there is the global COVID-19 pandemic lingering. Don’t let the pandemic put a damper on your plans, but make sure you are being safe and following the CDC’s health and safety guidelines. For all your relocation needs, choose our moving company in Cape Coral. From the Modern Movers family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy Labor Day.


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