Lehigh Acres

Enroll Kids in Activities They Loved Back Home

If your children loved taking dance classes back home, enroll them in one of the high-quality dance programs in or near Lehigh Acres. If they loved sports, find a team they can join. Getting kids involved in activities they love can show them that a lot of things can be the same in their new hometown.

Enrolling your kids in organized activities is also a good way to help your kids meet new, like-minded friends. Encourage your children to invite new kids they meet over for a playdate, and try to meet the parents of the children who will be playing and enjoying activities with yours. You can help foster some friendships by planning activities with new potential friends.

Set Aside a Day of Exploration Each Week

If possible, set aside one day each weekend for exploring your new community. You may let every member of the family take turns picking the activity each week. Simply set ground rules on the type of activity you want it to be.

Start by planning a fun-filled day at the Jim Fleming Ecological Park. This 3.5-acre offers an instant haven of nature. The 500-foot boardwalk offers kids an easy walking path where they can burn off energy and enjoy beauty all around them. If every member of the family has a bike, considering riding your bikes to the park because bike racks are available for storing them.

Alternately, go to the Charles Mathney Park. Located on Joel Boulevard in Lehigh Acres, the scenic park is situated on Lake Camille. This can be a short activity that won’t take all day, yet will introduce children to some of the natural beauty the area offers.

If your kids are very small, give them a choice among three or four different things. For example, young children could choose to go to one of the many parks in and near Lehigh Acres. Little kids could also choose to go to the beach, a community pool, or playground.

Encourage Kids to Talk About Their Perceptions

Talk to your children often about what they think of their new community. Learning what they feel about the new place they live can offer you insights to help them enjoy it. When your children do open up about things they dislike about their new house or town, listen closely and assure them that you understand their feelings. Resist the urge to correct them or argue about it.

Instead, after you listen to your children’s opinions on their new place, you may help expand their experiences. For example, if you find that your kids are bored, they may just not be engaged in things they truly enjoy. You may need to switch activities or introduce them to something completely new.

On the other hand, if your kids are sad because they miss their old friends, you may be able to arrange a visit from old friends. Meanwhile, you can take actions to help your children make new friends in Lehigh Acres. If your children are shy and don’t make friends during organized activities, you may join local parent groups to organize playdates that way.

Finally, be consistent and positive when talking to your children about their new home and community. If you do and follow these tips, you may be surprised at how quickly children will adjust to their new hometown.

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